1990: Amelia is born in Seattle, Washington and lives for the next seven years in the Lincoln High School building in the Wallingford neighborhood. She grows up with a mom, a dad, and three younger brothers, and attends the megachurch Calvary Fellowship. Near the age of seven, she has started to make up stories and write them in little notebooks.

1997: The whole family moves to Cowiche, Washington, an unincorporated small town, two and a half hours south east of Seattle. For the first time, Amelia has a treehouse, windows, a yard, a dog, and two cats. The kids roam free on their bikes without helmets. They are surrounded by farms and fruit orchards. It is a simple life.

2008: Amelia graduates from Highland High School with a class of 67 students. She has developed an affinity for the French language and culture, finished a book of short horror stories for kids called Strange Days at Highland High, and written for the school newspaper for a quarter. She has earned the nickname Mia, thanks to the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries.” By the end of her first year at Central Washington University, Strange Days is published and available online. This was only possible with the help of Al Allaway, a Yakima, Washington author whom Amelia met through a writer’s group that she went to as a job shadow in 11th grade. She also published a short story in Chronicles of YakWriters, an anthology written by the aforementioned writer’s group.

2010: Amelia meets a math major on Xanga.com, a blogging community. He lives in Missouri, but that doesn’t stop them from starting a long-distance relationship based on a shared love of Doctor Who and Harry Potter. They do the long-distance thing for a year and a half, then he moves to Washington to be with her!

2012: Amelia graduates from CWU with a bachelor of arts in English with a Writing Specialization. She has edited for the Observer, CWU’s newspaper, for six months and tutored college students in English for a year. She has 2 novels in the works. One is still in the writing stage and one is ready to be edited. She has developed a photography habit, a swing dancing addiction, and a love of science fiction television.

2013: Amelia marries Kurt, the mathematician from Xanga, and finally moves back to Seattle in search of work of any kind. She has worked at Victoria’s Secret, Gymboree, as a nanny, and at two Fred Meyers. She currently works for SCI Solutions as the eligibility queen.

Les Photos

Amelia, 7, and brother Eli, 5. 1997.
Amelia, 7, and brother Eli, 5. 1997. Photo credit to my parents.
Same siblings at college. 2012.
Same siblings at college. 2012. Photo credit to Tim Linz. Probably.
Kurt and Amelia's first meeting in person. March 2011.
Kurt and Amelia’s first meeting in person. March 2011. Photo credit to Janna Parsons.
Wedding day. March 30, 2013.
Wedding day. March 30, 2013. Photo Credit to Genesis Suarez.
Amelia and brothers Noah and Silas in Cowiche. 2011. Photo credit to David DiPilato.
Amelia and brothers Noah and Silas in Cowiche. 2011. Photo credit to David DiPilato.

6 thoughts on “About Mia

  1. Hello! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the referral link to your site. Are you sure you would be up for editing my story? I would really appreciate it! Love the love story for you and your husband in your about me page by the way.

      1. Sorry for the slower reply, I haven’t had internet for the past few days – it has been such a hard weekend! I would really appreciate that, what would your charge be and things like that? I don’t really know how it would work you see, sending my work over etc. If you would like to email me that would be great? louisecollins@illicitbynature.com
        I hope you had a lovely weekend. πŸ™‚

  2. Dear ameliaormia,

    I’m so sorry that I am just getting back to you. It’s been really hectic. But your blog is quite lovely! Maybe you could include some more pictures to break up the text! Keep up the hard work. You put so much effort into thisβ€”I can tell! You deserve more readers. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck! ❀ Have a beautiful day!


    the BBB blogger

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