I used to come here with a girl I hung out with for a while. We’d go to musicals at the 5th Avenue Theatre, which was just across the street, after happy hour here. Sushi, pot-stickers, dumplings, edamame, and Shirley Temples. She didn’t drink, so I didn’t either. But I imagine the drinks they do have are great! I’m not a huge fan of sake, but I’m sure it’s different everywhere, so might as well try it sometime! Check out those food prices! If you can get here before 6, might as well have enough to make it your dinner and save some money. I’m not the most well-versed person in the world of quality sushi, but I always enjoy what I have here, so it can’t be that. They say you get what you pay for, but this stuff is really good despite the price. Check it out!

Location: 5th Ave and Union St

Happy Hours: Mon-Thurs 3pm-6pm

$5 sake

$5-7 beer

$5.5 well drinks

$7.75 wines

$7.75 cocktails

$3.25-2.5 appetizers

$4.25-7.5 sushi




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