First time I came here, the main bartender made fun of me for not knowing how to order a drink. But my company comes here for  CEO-funded happy hours, so I don’t mind too much. We’ve come here several times, actually. And I’ve come here with the coworkers I’m closest too, just by ourselves. It’s a nice relaxed place, a little small, the kind of place that has its regulars without being too hole in the wall. Their pork tacos are to die for. One of the other bartenders was happy to tell me all about where she got her lipstick and what products are similar for a better price after I complimented the color. I like that in a bartender. Please don’t me seriously. I like this place for the food (they also have great nachos), but they also have a great selection of beers, if you like beer.

Location: 1st Ave and Cherry St

Happy Hours: Daily 4pm-7pm

$5 drinks

$5 food






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