Seattle is a place where everyone is busy, doing all kinds of different jobs with all kinds of different schedules. Social time is hard because people are hard to get a hold of. And no, I don’t believe in the “Seattle freeze” because I don’t believe that it’s limited to Seattle or that it’s something that just happens to people. I think it’s a “young person figuring out who they are and what they want to do with their life and trying to pay the bills” thing. Some people make a conscious effort to hang out with their friends and some people focus on work and relaxation time instead, but regardless of why your social life is failing, it is, so where you do find human interaction?

I find it at work. Most everyone at my job is around my age, and the company is really good at hiring people with great attitudes, so there isn’t anyone I dislike. I can get along with anyone there. And when you need social time outside of work, you ask your coworkers to join you for happy hour. In one of the three bars on the ground floor of the building. Because it’s right there and you get off work when the prices are best! Contour is one of these places. This doesn’t mean I go there a lot. I’ve been there maybe three times since September. But I like it. It’s actually where I first met the girl who recommended me for my job at Clarity (now SCI Solutions. There was a merger; Google it).

Contour has classic and modern décor and looks very Seattle, without trying too hard. Casually Seattle. Nice big booths. Great place to meet up with a friend and talk. Apparently it’s a pretty hopping night club when night time rolls around, but I am all snuggled up in bed by then, so I’ve never experienced it.

1st Ave and Columbia St in the Colman Building


$4.50 well drinks/$8 doubles

$3-6 beer

$5 wine

$4.95 food

 Oo, also, they have outdoor seating, so if the weather is nice and you want to sip a drink while enjoying the sunshine, you can do that here!


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