Blogging again. Starting a series of happy hour profiles. It will be irregular, because I’m not going to go to happy hour all the time just to have something to blog about. I figure this blog is called Country Girl in the Big City, so I might as well blog about what I know, and what I know is how to navigate this city, but not very well. Because I haven’t been here long. 

Fado is an Irish bar that doesn’t feel like an Irish bar. There are multiple rooms (without being closed off) and levels, so all the guests are broken up enough that you still feel a sense of community with the other patrons, but you don’t have to yell to talk to your friends. The ceiling is painted with a beautiful fresco of a powerful woman in a toga straight out of a renaissance painting of ancient Greece.

I come here with my coworkers sometimes.The booth seats and the chairs are so tall my feet never touch the ground, which is strange and makes me feel like I can’t relax, plus the booth tables are really far from the backrests so you’re either on the edge of your seat or too far from the food, but honestly, this is not that big of a deal to me. The servers are always really nice and don’t hate me for my “make me something fruity and tropical.” I need to stop doing that though. Also, they have really great fries and tacos!

Location: 1st Ave and Columbia St in the Colman Building

Happy Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-7pm, daily 9pm-close (even better prices)

$4 beer and wine

$5 whiskey

$5 food


Go check out Fado if you’re ever in downtown Seattle, near Pioneer Square. Great service, great food, great drinks; what more could you want?

I would have included a picture, but I want to include pictures I’ve taken myself instead of stealing one from the internet, because I have integrity. But I don’t have pictures. So there will be pictures in the next post!




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