It is the 3rd day of the new year, and so far, I have not failed at any of my resolutions. This is because I made most of them very vague. I am awful at sticking with things, so I have to make my goals small and easily attainable to be able to say I achieved something. So these are my resolutions:

  1. Start a new 365 project (like this one). I have at least started. Will I finish? Who knows.
  2. Work on my books. I have 2 (or 3?) young adult novels I am writing, but I haven’t worked on them in years. I want this to be the year I at least add SOMETHING. I don’t care how much. A little is better than nothing.
  3. Dance more. This also means making more friends who live and dance in the city. I am working on this.
  4. Seek therapy. Whether I just end up with someone to talk to or on medication, there’s no denying anymore that I have issues that need professional help. Lots of people go to therapy and there is no shame in it.
  5. Read more. I listed my goal on Goodreads as 24 books this year. That’s two books a month. No sweat. Still probably more than last year.

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