I have found a new job. An office job at a place called Clarity Health. A job in which I will call clients, their doctors, and their health insurance providers to gather information in order to refer them to the best physicians and healthcare plan for them. I will enter data and manage and electronically file patient records and insurance documents. I will sit at a desk in an open-floor office space in one of the taller buildings in downtown Seattle. I will work 8:30 a.m to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.

I will not stock shelves.

I will not hang tags.

I will not clean up fitting rooms.

I will not make signs.

Ever. Again.

I will help people find the help they need to be healthy, and I will utilize my organization, customer service, and computer skills to do so. I start on October 5th, and I could not be happier. In the meantime, my manager has given me later hours, so very rarely will I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. This comes at the cost of less hours as a result of him hiring my replacement, but I will make it work.



Hold Onto The Affirmative

If I’ve ever talked about my job with you, you probably know that I am not enjoying it. Without going into too much detail, because that would be unprofessional, it wasn’t what I expected and it stresses me out a lot. I talked to my manager already, he’s finding someone to replace me, I’m looking for new jobs, and if I’m not gone by the time he brings someone else in, he’ll just stick me in a different position that’s easier for me. He’s great. But until that happens, I still have to endure at least two more weeks of this. So I’m going to focus on the positive:

Good things about being the HABA Price Changer at Fred Meyer

  1. I work 5 am to 2 pm most days, so I have all this sunlight left to hang out outside and do productive things after work. This actually gives me more freedom to hang out with other people than when I worked in apparel. I can’t stay out as late, but at least all of my afternoons and evenings are free!
  2. My bus is the earliest bus that can get me there, and it doesn’t always get me there on time, but my manager is really chill about it. He literally said, “Get here when you can, and just work for 8 hours.”
  3. Which also means that if I choose to take a half-hour lunch instead of an hour, I can leave at 1:30 (which usually means 1:40 because of the bus, but whatever).
  4. My bus ride is only 8 minutes!
  5. I wear an apron, which means I don’t have to wear clothes with pockets, nor do I have to pin a name tag to my clothes. I can just pin it on my apron.
  6. During my weekly graveyard shift, when I switch out tags, I can sing along with the music and sit, very unladylike, on the floor, with no shame. And until 5 am, no one is telling me what to do.
  7. 40 hours a week.
  8. On Fridays, when we throw candy freight on the other end of the store, I’m near the bakery, and I can smell the fresh bread and donuts. It’s heavenly.
  9. When I take my lunch at 10 am, the deli still has a wider selection of hot food than when I closed apparel and took my lunch at 8 pm.
  10. Stocking shelves means I’ve become very familiar with where products are, so it’s easier to assist customers than it was in apparel.
  11. I get to use a knife almost everyday. Makes me feel powerful. But sometimes the boxes are just glued instead of taped, and I have to rip the flaps off with my fingers. Makes me feel even more powerful.
  12. I can go on lunch and breaks whenever I want as long as I tell my supervisor that I’m going, because there’s no register or fitting rooms to cover.
  13. Sometimes I get to use a pallet jack, and that’s pretty fun, even though I did destroy an end cap frame once while trying to wheel a pallet down an aisle.
  14. We get to find out before anyone else if a certain product is back, LIKE CRISPY M&MS!!!
  15. There’s a lot less creepers on the bus at 4:30 am.
  16. My immediate supervisor may not think I’m that great, but my manager (her manager too) thinks I’m doing a great job and gives me high-fives and fist bumps every time he tells me so!
  17. I’m always there for the morning huddle for all store associates, which means snaaaaaacks.
  18. I have a fair amount of autonomy. I have tasks that are just mine and I’m expected to go do them on my own. But when I run out of things to do, I just ask my supervisor, and you can be sure there will be plenty more to do.
  19. This store has a lot of eye-candy. Like A LOT.
  20. I’ve only encountered one or two shoplifters in the past month, as opposed to at least one everyday.

I couldn’t think of any more, but hopefully just writing these out will help me tolerate all the things I don’t like about this job. And hopefully, I’ll have a fancy office job, or just one where I get to sit down for most of the day, before I can get moved to produce or floral. Wish me luck!