I’ve never had a full-time job before. I always imagined that my first full-time job would be in an office and would be in the field I studied in college. But, you know, sometimes you gotta take what life hands you until something better comes along because who knows how long that will be. Tomorrow is my first day as a full-time Health And Beauty Aids morning clerk at the closest Fred Meyer to my new apartment. My apartment in Seattle. That’s actually what I’m most excited about. I haven’t officially lived in Seattle since I was seven years old, and all of my young life, I have yearned to go back. For the past two years, Kirkland has been a nice placeholder for the city life I knew would make me happy. But I can’t stand the suburbs. Busing places was extremely difficult, especially at night and on weekends, and that’s when most people can hang out! Living in the city means I don’t have to leave the party early just to bus home. I can stay out til 2 if I want to and I don’t have to call a cab or beg for a ride. Not that I’ll be staying out that late, like ever. My new shifts will be 5 am to 2 pm, so there won’t be a lot of late nights. But it will still be easier to hang out with people than when I worked 2:30 to 11:30 pm and usually on weekends! Hello, that’s when everything is happening!

There’s a lot to love about my new neighborhood. There’s a park right across the street, with a lake and tennis courts and a swing set. I can walk 10 minutes to a library, a consignment shop, Ross, Grocery Outlet, a cheap nail salon (for special occasions, a.k.a. when my mother-in-law visits), Starbucks, Dollar Tree, and Baskin Robbins. I can bus to Pike Place Market in half an hour! Basically everything I need, right here. Just a 10-minute bus ride away is Greenlake, where my parents used to take us with our bikes when I was little. I remember so many summer days walking or riding around Greenlake. Heck, I could even very easily visit Lincoln High School and show Kurt where I used to live!

Our new apartment has carpeting, no mold issues, plenty of storage, a huge bathroom counter, and I can buzz people in the front door of the building! I never have to open the apartment door to anyone I don’t know ever again. Unless they’re my neighbors, all of whom seem to keep to themselves. I’m thinking of making some cookies and going to door-to-door to meet people. Is that still a thing?

All of these new things are just making me so happy. I’m glad to be starting over at a new store (not that I hated the old one; I’m just tired of closing Apparel), in a kind of new town, just as I’m turning a quarter of a century old. As my birthday approaches, I’m taking a step back and looking at where I wanted to be at this point in my life. I hoped I’d be doing something with my degree, and maybe I am. Maybe I’m turning out to be so good at customer service because of all of the communication skills I acquired while earning an Bachelors in English with a Writing Specialization. I still don’t want to work in retail forever. Maybe in the corporate levels, because man, a desk job sounds so easy on the feet after two years in retail. I don’t know how people do it for the rest of their lives. More power to you, but it’s not for me. I just do my best, pay the bills, and hope that something closer to writing or editing pops up in a few years. I’m really in no rush. Who says you have to have achieved all your dreams by a certain age? I’m totally fine with giving my HABA job 100% until it’s time to move on to something bigger. For right now, life is good. Happy birthday to me.


6 thoughts on “Almost 25 and much has changed

  1. Congrats on your new job! ^^ I know I was excited the first time I got a full time job.
    The experience of a new job, and let alone a full time one, is interesting and just amazing, because you feel like you can actually take care of things. Good luck on your new job! ^^

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