Time Traveling, Part 2

Remember when I explored the grounds at Lincoln High School, and I couldn’t go inside because it was closed? Well today, my dad came over from Yakima to spend the day with me, and we got to explore the inside! We went to the office, signed in as visitors, and walked around, remembering how things looked fourteen years ago. We found the gym and asked a teacher if we could see the basement. He said we’d have to ask a janitor, whom we found just outside the gym door. He gladly let us in and let us look around. My dad had a lot of fun telling him about how different everything used to be, or how it’s the same.


I used to bathe in this sink with Eli. This was our kitchen. The oven and fridge and everything are all gone, of course.WP_20140916_002[1]

The other end of the kitchen.


This was apparently my bedroom.




This was the “catch-all” room. We watched Magic School Bus and Veggetales on a rolling TV in here.WP_20140916_007[1]

My dad’s old office.


Imitating an old picture of me standing on a stool at 5 years old, wearing my mom’s dress that was so long it covered the stool, and brushing my teeth.


We’d ride our tricycles down this hallway.


The hallway up to the stairs.


Looking back down the stairs to the basement.


The “little theatre.” The church that meets here now is pastored by the son of the guy who pastored Calvery Fellowship, the church that used Lincoln High while we were living there, and our home church.


The sanctuary, where I remember having church. First musical I was ever in was performed on this stage.




Selfie time! We were so glad we got to go in and explore!


Of course, then we also had to hit up Pike Place Market, where we feasted on gyros, meat pies, ice cream, and cioppino. First, though, we drove through Capitol Hill and he showed me where he used to live when he was in college, the church where he became a follower of Jesus, the church where my parents got married, the apartment where we lived until I was a year and a half… Along the way, he’d point out every business that was different or the same, everything he remembered. I love learning about the history of this city. Overall, a great day with my dad, full of nostalgia. 🙂


Transitionary Period

1. Summer has ended, which means one of our roommates is leaving. Beth was only here for a summer internship at a tech company in Seattle, and now she goes back to school for one quarter, before she gets married and moves back to Kirkland with Tim! We can’t afford to pay rent without a 4th person at this point, so we put an ad on Craigslist searching for a roommate. We could have asked Darrell to lower the rent back to what it was before, but they really need the money, and we don’t mind a full house anyway. Beth moves out on Monday. Her bed, however, is being taken away today, so it’s a good thing Kelle is gone until Monday, so Beth can just use her bed.

2. Kelle (my 20-year-old cousin and 3rd roommate, Kurt and I being the first two) was in Australia for a month, visiting her boyfriend, then, upon returning to our house, immediately went to Yakima to visit her family and friends. Before she returned, we were under the impression that she only had savings to last through September and if she didn’t get a job by mid-September, she wouldn’t be able to pay for October and we’d have to find someone to replace her too. Turns out, she has savings to last through October. So the tentative availability of her room has moved up a month, provided she does not require a new job by mid-October. She says she has some prospects. She also said she has a drug test for Fred Meyer on Tuesday, so maybe that means she got a job? Probably.

3. Three people responded to Kurt’s Craigslist ad. We replied to everyone, and two of them ended up following up with us. Kevin, an energetic and passionate fellow Whovian, will be taking Beth’s room, and Oznur, a lovely Turkish woman from Boston, will be staying with us for a week while she searches for jobs and housing in the area. She only got here on Thursday, and she’s already found a part-time job at a bookstore and made a Turkish friend, who is showing her around today! She’s on the air mattress the whole week. No one needs the couch! yay! Kevin moves in on Tuesday, and I’m actually really excited to have another Whovian in the house.

4. Also on Tuesday, my dad will be here to take me on a daddy-daughter date. It has been a while since we did that! Probably last fall, when he took me to the fair as a surprise! I’m really looking forward to our time together. Must remember to give him Eli’s sunglasses, which he apparently left here on my birthday.

So much moving around! So many changes and shifts in people who are here! And, AND, AND! One of my coworkers told me yesterday that the morning Ready To Wear (women’s clothes) person is leaving us and I should apply for her position, which is full-time! On the plus side, more hours and more time to hang out with people in the evenings. On the downside, I might have to work at 5 in the morning, which would leave me too tired to hang out with people in the evening, and who wants to get up at 5 am anyway? No one… I’m contemplating it. More money is always good.

What are some changes in your life?