Sometimes, on my days off, I go on adventures. And by adventure, I mean I dress up real cute, get on a bus with no set destination, camera in hand, and decide on the way where I’ll end up. Today, I time-traveled. To 1997. I typed an address I memorized at five years old into the search option on my phone, took the correct buses (three of them!), walked 20 minutes, and ended up at the place I called home thirteen years ago: Lincoln High School. No, not the one where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed. I wish!

While walking along 45th St, I wondered how my life would have been different if we’d never had to move, or if we had moved out but stayed in the same area. Maybe Milano Pizza and Pasta would have been my family’s go-to celebration spot, instead of El Porton in Yakima (nothing against El Porton. Love El Porton). Maybe I’d meet up with friends at A Muddy Cup for tea or coffee. I’d do homework there or just read by myself. DSC_2777Maybe we would have been able to find a new record player needle after the old one broke and collected records at Golden Oldies. DSC_2778Maybe instead of deli food at Fred’s in Cowiche, our go-to quick, cheap bite after school would be Dick’s Burgers.DSC_2779I walked so long that I feared I had missed my turn and focused on the street names rather than my imagination. And suddenly, after a left turn and one block, there it was.DSC_2780

I actually got a little choked up.DSC_2781

The signs said no trespassing, but I ached to get inside the gates and maybe through a door to see if I recognized anything. I figured wandering around the grounds would be okay as long as I didn’t break through any fences. DSC_2783

The halls were empty, as expected, since it’s summer, but it didn’t look abandoned. I guess someone is using it as a school again. DSC_2784

I remember this lot. Our church held a kiddie fair here. My brothers and I were in a little parade. My dad pulled us along in little wooden cars that he made (maybe not, but probably. I’m a little fuzzy on the details).DSC_2786

I remember these steps too, and the stone railing. But that might be from the last time I visited a few years ago.DSC_2788

I could have squeezed through this gap, but I doubt any of the doors beyond it would have been unlocked.DSC_2789

I am in awe of this architecture! DSC_2790

DSC_2791 DSC_2792

This is new. DSC_2793

OH MY GOSH, IT’S AN OPEN GATE! I wandered in and turned left, where the cars were. There was a guy who looked like he worked there, and I asked him if it was okay if I took pictures because “I used to live here, as weird as that sounds.” He said the school was closed since 3:30, so outside was okay, but not inside. I asked if I could come back on any weekday before 3:30 and take pictures of the inside and he said yes!!DSC_2795

I definitely remember this! I don’t think that grafitti has been there for thirteen years though.DSC_2796

Got in a 365 on a bench that I THINK is near the entrance to the basement, where my family lived. I just bought the hat to keep the sun off my face (finally), and the dress is from Beth. DSC_2798

I wandered around the entire grounds, but it was hard to tell what used to be our “front yard” that wasn’t a yard. I didn’t want to try the doors for fear of not being allowed to come back. DSC_2799

I remember this rock!DSC_2800

At Wallingford Playfield across the street, I found a doge! It was so serene and peaceful. I let it sniff me, but it was otherwise uninterested. But oh so cute.DSC_2804

I can’t wait to go back and wander around the inside! I wonder if the Central Wing was ever restored, because that is the sole reason that, for a long time, I had nightmares about school buildings. Stay tuned for part two!! 🙂


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