I finally came up with a solid idea for my YouTube videos. I had been wanting for the good part of the last few years to run a vlogging channel, but my lack of functional equipment and good ideas prevented me from having the confidence to start. Sure, I made a few vlogs, which you can watch here, but then my camera drowned in a river and I didn’t want to use my webcam because I loved making vlogs while walking, or at least being outside. Then I got a video camera for Christmas last year. I tried to make one or two videos, but got frustrated in the editing process because the program I had to use wasn’t as easy as Movie Maker. The longer I went without trying again, the worse I felt for not using a gift that multiple family members had come together to buy for me. I felt like a failure, which should show just how messed up I am, as this shouldn’t have been that big of a deal to me. It’s not like I would never use it. It’s only been 8 months. 

And then it came to me. Today (well, last night), Kurt and I took my friend Rachel out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory for her birthday. After leaving the restaurant, we ended up at World Market, which is a great place to fantasize about future home decor, which is basically what we did. At one point, Kurt and I were joking around and he exclaimed, “This is why we’re married,” which is something he says quite often. He says it when find yet another common interest we didn’t know we had, or when we both get excited about something that most people might not, or when I say something that he totally expected me to say because he knows me that well. I realized that this is a common thing in our relationship. We like to point out why we’re together. The things that make us an “us.” The little quirks that make our relationship different from anyone else’s, or different from any of our previous relationships. So I am going to make videos, just short, 2-minute reenactments of “this is why we’re married” moments. Maybe it will fail, maybe it won’t. But I think it will be a fun thing to do together. I’m excited.


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