Thank you to the bippity boppity beautiful blogger for offering me this award! Check out this blogger’s website I’m honored! 

Here are the 11 questions:

1. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Definitely night owl. I wish I got up earlier though. I am working on it.

2. Having to make the choice would you be Blind or Deaf?

Not being able to hear music or my husband’s voice for the rest of my life certainly outweighs things I’d want to see, so I guess I’d choose to be blind.

3. A moment in your life that brought the greatest joy?

Probably marrying my husband. 🙂 

4. Your dream/Where would you live?

My dream is to be a famous author living on the waterfront of Seattle, Washington with Kurt and our 5 kids.

5. Something of substance you want people to know about you?

Though I may sometimes be guilty of it myself, I can’t stand when anyone stereotypes, generalizes, or puts someone down for something they can’t help or personal choices that don’t hurt anyone else. Basically, just be kind and remember that everyone is different and that’s okay.

6. Laptop or Desktop?

Laptop. I like my technology portable.

7. Coffee? Cream/Suger? and/ or Tea? Sugar/Lemon?

If I ever do drink drip coffee, I put 3 creams and 3 sugars in it, but that’s rare. Usually, it’s a white chocolate raspberry mocha with whip! And I usually only put one spoonful of sugar in my tea, if I’m having tea. Kurt is a tea aficionado, so we have quite a lot of tea, and I love most of them. 

8. If you’re married, your couples song? Single, your favorite song?

Do Kurt and I have a song? We danced to L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole at our wedding, but that was a last minute pick and doesn’t really mean anything for us other than it’s a fun song. We cling tightly to several songs by this Canadian singer named Lights, specifically Cactus in the Valley. Especially the acoustic version, which we got to see her perform live in Seattle before we moved here! 

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Famous author, actress, forensic scientist, teacher, editor, dancer, pastry chef… 

10. Your go-to for staying positive?

Listening to upbeat music with uplifting lyrics, even if it’s simply “I just wanna dance, I don’t really care.” Oh, Rihanna, sometimes you just get me. 

11. If it was possible to go back to the past 10 years, would you? Would you change your life today?

Well 10 years ago, I was about to start high school. I definitely don’t want to relive all of that, because I did not make wise dating choices in high school. I don’t think I would change anything though. I like my life today. Though I might have majored in forensic science instead of English.

My Five Nominees:


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