Thought of these yesterday. These happen all the time and I do not know why. Does walking into a store make everyone dumber?

1. Leaving empty carts in inconvenient places. Between some racks in apparel. Not in the cart corral but right next to it. Right outside the fitting rooms. In a walkway. At the end of the register. None of these places make sense! How hard is it to push it all the way to where carts are supposed to go when you’re done using them? Not hard! They’re on wheels!!

2. Doubting their reading abilities when it comes to sale signs. Seriously. Sometimes, it’s just “so is this $14.97 or 40% off of that?” when showing me something on a rack labeled “40% off the LOWEST MARKED PRICE.” But this week, it’s actually confusing. We are currently transitioning to a season in which TONS OF STUFF will be on clearance, but NOT YET, so there are racks clearly labeled with a big yellow sign “50% off the original price” and racks clearly labeled with a big white sign “clearance. prices as marked.” Customers are constantly asking me if half off the original price actually means half off the original price. “Is it the printed price or the red marker price here?” Gee, let’s look up the meaning of original. I think it’s the printed price! (I don’t actually say that to customers. I’d like to keep my job.) “But the hand-written price is not 50% of the printed price…” That’s because we’re preparing for a season of new clearance stuff. The hand-written price does not apply today. Ignore it. Please. The sign is all you need.

3. Blaming store associates when a vendor has discontinued a product. How can anyone in their right mind think that we have any control over this whatsoever? We don’t even have control over what the store carries at all. We can take it up with corporate or the people who take care of freight orders, but it’s not our responsibility. We don’t even know who those people are! We’re in the business of customer service and are trying to do our best. Nor do we have any control over prices. So calm yourself and write a letter to corporate!

Sorry to be so ranty. Just had to get that out. It amazes me sometimes what people will say to me because I have a nametag and walkie talkie.


4 thoughts on “A few more things customers do that annoy me

  1. I have seen in my lifetime a gradual but steady decline in courtesy and common sense. These two add up to the majority of what you are describing. Also thrown in is a sense of entitlement: I should get this price; you should carry what I want and if you don’t I can abuse your associates; I don’t have to return my cart, that is below me. A general sense of responsibility and a return to the wisdom of the golden rule could turn this around. 😏

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