Today, while I was cashiering in apparel, two different women told me I looked like a celebrity. The first said “a prettier Cameron Diaz, which is a compliment,” and the second said, “a much younger Martha Stewart, like from her modeling days.” Now, first, I had already assumed that “a prettier Cameron Diaz” was a compliment because I think Cameron Diaz is a very pretty lady…

An old picture. I think she was about 23 or younger.

A rather old photo. I can kind of see the resemblance.

…and second, Martha Stewart was a model?! As soon as I got off work, I looked it up on my phone. Indeed, she was. 



I thought this one looked most like me. 

Before today, I don’t recall many times that people have compared me to celebrities. I’ve tried in vain to upload a picture to those “who is your celebrity doppleganger?” websites or quizzes and see who looks like me. I always got Asian people I’ve never heard of, I guess because I have a squinty smile. Those websites never do a very good job. But I had come to accept that my face is distinctly my own and I don’t seem to share enough features with any one famous person for anyone to say, “hey, you look like her!” I didn’t need to look like anyone else, much less anyone famous. It’s a silly, trivial thing. Not a bad thing though. Just unimportant.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that these two observations happened on the same day, and they were both comparisons I had never heard before, from two women around the same age. The second woman, as she left, said, “You could model!” It was very flattering. I’ve always wanted to model. I’ve just never had the money for an agency (but then, I’ve heard that any agency that makes you pay hundreds of dollars just for a headshot card and simple portfolio is a scam. I have no idea), or enough connections to photographers. I mean, I know photographers. And I’ve asked if I could model for them. I’ve asked friends who model how I could get into it. It never leads anywhere though. I’d love to do it if there weren’t so many hoops to jump through. So I resign myself to my 365 project, which is kind of turning into a 52 project, as in one picture a week. I keep meaning to get back into taking a good picture everyday, but it’s a tough habit to form when a lack of quality photos discourages me from trying for quality photos the next day… it’s a cycle. There are days, though, when I take the time to plan, find a good location, the lighting is just right, my vision is realized, and I get pictures I’m actually happy with. It’s good practice for photography and for modeling, so hopefully, if I can get back into it, it can get me somewhere.









What’s something for which you wish you had more time?


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