When Kurt and I first moved into our house, my great-aunt Mary and great-uncle Duncan had recently moved out in order to live in assisted living. They didn’t need or have the space for many of their things in their new places, so we were allowed to claim some things that they didn’t want for sentimental value. A few glass tumblers, some blankets, and a whole lot of sewing supplies and materials. Included in the sewing materials was a half-finished skirt, for which I knew my great-aunt, in her state of health, would have no use. Last night, I felt like being crafty, so I decided to finish it. 



The very top hem, the two darts, and the zipper were all hand-sewn by me. The bottom hem, the gathering, and the seam between the skirt and waist band were already done.



The seam that connected the whole skirt together below the zipper was also my handiwork. It was tricky, but ended up being not as difficult as I’d expected! I think if I’d attempted to use my machine, I would have royally messed it up. 


The whole thing, turned back right side out. If only I had found a thread that matched, like Mary used on the bottom hem. I decided that I liked the obviously handmade look and figured I’d cover up the stitches on the top hem anyway…


With lace! 😀 I found some lace that was just long enough to go around almost the entire waistband! Hooray!




All done! Yay! It’s pretty short, but I think it would be great for a hot, sunny day with no wind and no stairs to climb. I could also wear leggings with it. The high waist makes it feel kind of retro! It would be fun to dance in!



It feels so good to have made something, even if I didn’t start it from scratch. 🙂 I think I’m going to get back to making things more often. 




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