I started this blog in October of last year with the sole purpose being able to show editors, publishers, and writers that I can write, and not just about myself. My blogging up until then had been mostly personal, and I wanted something with which to connect with other writers and show that I can write about current events and other topics to which other people can relate. So far, I think it’s been successful. I have 67 followers and seem to gain new people nearly every time I post. I have developed a habit of writing at least a few times a week. Someone even linked one of my posts to their “similar posts” section under a post on their blog! People with hundreds or thousands of followers follow me and say I’m a good writer! This encouragement only makes me want to do better, to reach more people, because now I know that I can, with enough determination. So here are some goals I have for blogging:

1. Post at least 5 times a week.

2. Reach 100 followers by summer.

3. Spend at least half an hour reading and commenting on posts from the people I follow everyday.


I think these are pretty doable. If my whole point is connecting with people and growing my writing skills, these are the basic things I need to do, and I think I can do them.

What are your blogging goals?


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