Yesterday, Kurt and I spent much of our day together, which was wonderful. I worked at 6 pm and he had the day off, so we got up at 9, ate a healthy breakfast, caught up on Once Upon A Time, then decided to go for a hike. He suggested going to Rite Aid because he had just run out of ADHD medication. That’s reasonable. I had hoped to walk to the beach beyond Big Finn Hill Park and take some pretty pictures, but he needs the meds to get up on time and focus at work. So we walked to Rite Aid. It was actually a really nice walk. We talked, laughed, we held hands. We shared granola bars and water, and pointed out pretty blossoms on trees, exclaiming, “It’s spring!” Once we’d picked up the prescription, we decided to go to Safeway, which was just around the corner, and buy some fruit for our new healthy diet, and then bus home. We got apples, oranges, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas, orange juice with mango, orange juice with banana, and a ton of strawberry yogurt. Add a 5 lb bag of potatoes, and you can imagine my complaining on the short walk to the bus stop and from our stop to our house. We made smoothies and just hung out, reveling in the exercise we just replenished with such healthy foods, and the time we were spending together. While he was driving me to work, he mentioned, “I loved spending time with you today.” “Me too!” 

And then I had a pretty good closing shift at work, albeit a little slow. I wish I could start out every day like that. I work at 5 today, and I meant to get up at 9, but my neck hurt and Kurt worked at 8, so I just curled up and ignored the passing time until my stomach could take it no more. So at 11:30, I got up and made a smoothie and some toast and now I’m catching up on New Girl. And blogging. I always feel that a day has been productive when I’ve blogged, or taken a self-portrait, or cleaned. Or taken a shower. Wow, I’m lazy. I hope to get better at sticking to a schedule when Kurt’s not there to share it with me. With time and perseverance, I suppose it will happen. 


5 thoughts on “Progress

      1. My lack of motivation is due to a sort of post-partum depression, in part. It’s hard to do anything without someone helping me along–even eating. But it will pass in time, and hopefully I will be able to keep my days structured while my husband is at work since he and I work opposite schedules (yuck).

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