In my last post, I talked about Kurt’s and my plan to visit Leavenworth for our 1st wedding anniversary. Well, we went, and it was exactly as I expected: Perfect. We stayed in a resort suite that looked like a log cabin on the inside, slept until we were hungry, drove into town to enjoy the food and shops in downtown Leavenworth, then returned to our suite when we were tired. I took many pictures, but since this post is not about that trip, I’m not going to take the time to post more than one. Unless you want me to! Just say so, and I will. 🙂



While we were consuming an after-brunch snack on the second day, I brought up something I’ve been trying to implement into our lives for several months: A healthier lifestyle. Since finishing school, we had both fallen into the habit of sleeping in, binge-watching TV shows, neglecting our church and spiritual lives, constantly going out to eat, and constantly snacking on unhealthy things, not to mention not exercising. Since getting married and moving to Kirkland, it has only gotten worse. In recent months, I have gone on a few runs by myself because he doesn’t like running, but I still want to be able to do healthy things with him. We don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables. I brought this up over beers and the most amazing fries I’ve ever tasted, ironically. He didn’t want to talk about it right then because talking about changing our lifestyle is stressful and he’d rather not talk about stressful things while on vacation. Reasonable. He said we could talk more about it on the drive home. 

So we did. I addressed specific things we can do everyday, holding each other accountable, to become healthier people. We negotiated what kind of exercise would be good for both of us to share and would push us to progress (I’m not trying to lose weight; I just want rock hard abs and thighs). All of the things we talked about are doable. They’re all small steps that ultimately add up to a healthier life than we’re living now.

1. In bed by midnight, up by 9, ready by 10, as in ready to head out the door for work, regardless of what time we work (unless we work earlier than that, which isn’t often). This sleeping in thing feels good right until you realize it’s 1 pm and you’ve done nothing productive. 

2. Take a multi-vitamin everyday. Easy. Also, drink so much water that your pee is clear. Your enemies will fear, as my high school track coach always said.

3. 10 crunches and a short hike with a destination everyday. He revealed to me that he doesn’t like aimless walks with no destination, so apparently we just need more planning. We can do this. Whether it’s before work or after work, there is always time for this. It may be hard, especially today, since he works 7:30 am to 6 pm, but starting a new exercise regimen is never easy. We agreed that after a week, we can raise it to 20 crunches, then 30 the week after, and so on. We’re going to look awesome.

4. Go to and find out what is a healthy balanced diet for each of our bodies and stick to it. I imagine this will mean incorporating something from each food group into our daily consumption, every single day. We can do it! 

5. We didn’t talk about this over the weekend, but we have talked about it before: More God time. Though, at this point, any God time would be more than what we have in our lives right now. I always feel like it brings us closer together when we spend time reading the Bible or praying together. And starting next week, we will be able to go to church regularly again! We couldn’t for a while there, at least not consistently, because of the changing jobs. But now we’re more stable, and the request to not work until at least 2 pm on Sundays has been processed and approved. Hooray! 


I think all of these things are easy enough to do, in theory, but I guess we’ll find out just how hard it is to start all these new habits. Once they do start, however, and stick, I imagine that we’ll be living a much happier life. So here’s to a second year of marriage, and a better one at that. Cheers!


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