Thirteen days from today, Kurt and I will celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary. Freaking surreal as all get out. I can hardly fathom that it’s been that long. I feel like soon enough we’ll be celebrating our 50th! Will it still feel surreal then? I hope so.

So, we are going away together. Just for the weekend, but it will be just us, with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company. We’re going to Leavenworth! For those of you who have not heard of Leavenworth, it is basically a little Bavarian village in the mountains of Washington. Very touristy, but very fun. I have been there exactly once, around Christmastime with my ex-boyfriend Nat and his family, while we were still dating. This was about five years ago. I’ve known many friends who have visited there on date-days, honeymoons, or anniversary weekends. I actually hadn’t thought of going again until I started getting to know Kurt. He has been to Germany, has what he calls a “German sister,” and took German classes in high school. He loves the culture, the chocolate, and the language. So, after he made the trek to Washington to be with me, leaving everything and everyone he knew, I suddenly thought of Leavenworth. Of course, when you’ve already been to Germany, a tourist-trap with a German-esque theme can’t really come close, but it’s not like we can afford to fly to Europe for a vacation. Yet. We’re getting there. We can’t even fly to Missouri at this point without his parents’ help.

I’m really excited for this trip. First, because we have been together for a year and won’t have to worry about work, interruptions, or chores for almost three days, and second, I barely know anything about the German culture. But I love immersing myself in other cultures in general. The fact that different places even have different cultures is enormously fascinating to me in and of itself. I loved the culture in Greece, where people were so laid back, at least the ones who weren’t protesting at the White Tower every other day. Kids my age could just sit for hours drinking one cup of coffee, chatting with the same person literally all day. They know how to converse and how to enjoy the day. Although, I’m sure I’d have a much easier time enjoying my days if I lived in Greece weather all the time. Even if Leavenworth is only a glimpse of something close to Germany, it’s still something Kurt knows more about than I do, and it’s something he loves, and I can’t wait to share that with him.


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