Everyone should have a cuddle-buddy. Well, unless you really don’t like human touch. If so, I respect that and will not force any cuddles on you. But for eVERYONE ELSE…

I’m just playing. There will be no forcing cuddles on anyone, because I already have a cuddle-buddy. I don’t need to seek them out from friends (though that is always nice) or strangers (because that’s weird), because I have my husband. A husband is like an eternal cuddle-buddy. You make those vows to love and support each other for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and you get an eternal cuddle-buddy out of it. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

When Kurt and I first got married, it took about a month for us to become cuddle-buddies who could actually sleep through the night. It’s definitely something to get used to, having a person in your bed. No matter how many times I spend the night in the same bed with a girlfriend, I never sleep as well as when I’m in my own bed, by myself. But after 8 months of marriage–heck, after 2 months!–I never sleep as well alone as I do with Kurt next to me. We always fall asleep with our arms wrapped around each other, or at least touching somewhere. I usually have my head on his chest with his left arm around me and my left arm across his chest, my right arm wrapped around my own stomach. I love when he brings his right arm across and cradles my head or my neck. It feels safe. I feel loved and cherished. If we ever start to go to sleep not cuddling, it’s only because we’ve been fighting, and I can never go to sleep like that. We resolve everything completely and go right back to being all lovey-dovey and cutesy like normal.

I hope this never goes away, because it’s my favorite part of being married. I get home from work at the end of a long day and a long bus ride. It’s been cold and wet, and my feet hurt. Kurt gets home, smiles and kisses me, and we figure out what’s for dinner out of our sparse fridge. We sit down and watch whatever show we’re due to watch that night, be it Bones or Supernatural, or any of the countless other shows we watch together. It’s usually about midnight when we decide to go to bed, and I am super excited just to snuggle under the covers, bring my face real close to his and tell him I love him. The everyday problems of just starting out in the big city and trying to find ourselves and our futures together melt away like the Seattle fog in the middle of the day. We don’t even notice how it happened. We’re just happy because we’re together. It’s the best.



2 thoughts on “Marriage Monday: Cuddle-buddies

  1. Cuddling is the best. I am super touchy, and sometimes all I want to do is cuddle. My boyfriend and I don’t cuddle to go to sleep, but when we’re watching shows I always make it a point to – because I love it!

    1. We try to cuddle when we’re watching shows, but he apparently hates when I lean all my weight on him, and of course, he can’t do the same, so we just sit together holding hands or something lol.

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