Last night, Kurt and I bought a new car. We only got the Mercury in July because we had to trade in the Saturn to pay off credit cards and bills (yeah, it was a hard time), and we never intended to keep it forever. It was a beater. We knew that as soon as we could afford better, it was going to go. It overheated after a 20-minute drive for goodness sakes! Every time! And it was leaking oil for no reason, even after getting it fixed twice, which hurt the milage like crazy. 

So Kurt, who is the math person in this relationship, figured it into our monthly expenses and decided it will cost us less in the long run to buy a new one now rather than keep the Mercury until it finally dies, leaving us stranded somewhere. Constant maintenance and repair costs are just not worth it. Especially if, after everything, it still won’t make it to visit your family or friends across the mountains. Which is what we’re doing tomorrow!

Now, because my credit score is absolutely stellar (that’s what happens when you take out student loans and are never late on your payments or your credit card bills), our monthly payments are going to be significantly lower than if Kurt had bought it by himself. Literally the only downside to your parents paying for your college education completely is that you haven’t built up any credit by the time you’re 24. I was glad I could help. Anything I can do to keep the monthly expenses down! 

So, this week, I am thankful that we have enough money to do this. I am thankful that we have 4 jobs between us (including Kurt’s job) and Kelle subletting. I am thankful that we have enough for all of the bills and then some fun. And I am thankful that I will get to see friends from college and my brothers tomorrow! Woo!



Stock photo, but yes, this is the car. 🙂


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