Everyone’s got that friend or two who feels that there are no boundaries when it comes to what is appropriate to post on Facebook. Why do they do it? Are they unaware of how such personal posts make some of us uncomfortable? Are they looking for sympathy and/or pity? Do they just not care what anyone thinks of them? Who knows! All I know is that I’ve seen several forms of inappropriate Facebook posting, and it’s so tacky.

1. Constant Griping

There is a fine line between posting about a problem because you legitimately want advice from your friends and just posting about your problems because you just want everyone to know how upset you are. It’s all in the wording, really. Here, I’ll show you:

Drama: “Ugh, I hate my coworkers so much. I hope my boss dies in a fire so I can finally get some time off.”

Not drama: “Work has really been stressing me out lately, but at least I have a job. Gotta focus on the little things and keep on chuggin.”


2. Relationship Drama

The worst kind, really. Especially when you have someone posting negative things about how their significant other is so terrible and they can’t trust them ever again because of one thing they did, or won’t stop doing, and then their next status is about how in love they are. That’s tacky. It’s awkward. No one wants to see it. Directing your status toward the person you’re angry at, whether or not they will ever see it. Publicly. What is the point of it? Those conversations should be private!


3. Parenting Wars

You’ve seen it. It usually happens in the comments of a link to a parenting blog post that expresses an opinion that not everyone agrees with. Folks, there is more than one way to parent. There are definitely wrong ways to parent (read child abuse), but there is not just one right way. Arguing with other parents about their parenting techniques publicly just because you do something differently is tacky. If kids aren’t getting hurt and can still grow up healthy and happy, the way their parents raise them is no one else’s business.


What else do you think is tacky Facebook behavior?


2 thoughts on “Tacky Tuesday: Facebook Drama

  1. Relationship drama on facebook is the absolute worst. I don’t really post anything about my relationship on facebook because it’s our private life, and no one needs to know. I get annoyed by complaining about a SO as well as the people who have the CONSTANT need to post about how great their relationship is and how much they love the person, and can’t find anything else to talk about.

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