Wednesday has a new theme! Well, most of the days have a new theme, or they will soon. Making a blog post out of a random word every week just wasn’t working out, like most of my other themes. Who knows? I may completely change the themes around a year from now when I’ve run out of topics! This blog is still young; I’m just trying to see what works best.

Wonderful Wednesday will be like a Thankful Thursday, but on Wednesday. Today’s topic is houseguests. I love having houseguests. I am more extroverted than my dear husband, so while he is content to just be with me or alone all the time, I need more people around me. I am constantly trying to get friends in the area to come over and play games, eat food, just visit with us. It is usually not very successful, but I suppose that’s what happens when everyone you know is in their early 20s with jobs and bills to pay.

So when someone makes a plan to stay overnight with us and take the time to just hang out, I am so grateful. I go into power-cleaning and power-planning mode. I want to make the best food, show them the coolest sites, and make sure everything in their room is perfect.

Speaking of rooms, I am also immensely thankful that we even have a place for guests to stay. When Kurt and I first started looking for apartments, we hadn’t had jobs in a while, so even though we has just gotten jobs in Seattle, we couldn’t meet the income requirements of even the cheapest apartments. We ended up moving into our elderly relatives’ house in Kirkland, as they had just moved into assisted living, and renting from them. The rent started out very low and rose up as we could afford it.

We’re now making over twice what we were when we moved in, and we don’t intend to leave if we don’t have to. It’s a 3-bedroom house! There’s no way we would have been able to have many guests, at least not comfortably, in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment! My cousin Kelle is subletting and has the second bedroom (which we used as guest room for the 6 months before she moved in), and we just converted the old study into a guest room, just in time for Kira to stay for 3 weeks.

Kurt met Kira at a Lights concert a few years ago, and they’ve been internet friends ever since. I’ve only recently gotten in on the friendship, but I am so excited to have her staying with us! I’m writing this while Addison naps, and as soon as her mom gets home, I’ll be on a bus to downtown Seattle to meet all aforementioned people. I am so excited!


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