So Tuesday has a new theme. I just wasn’t feeling the news stories theme and I didn’t feel like I was getting any good work out of it, so I asked for suggestions, and this what I decided on. I’m going to use “tacky” in the way my dad has always used it, rather than in the way that the fashion police use it. My dad uses “tacky” to describe behaviors in human beings that are unprofessional, tactless, rude, or awkward. So this will be a kind of ranting post. But I will not use this theme as an excuse to bash anyone. This is just where I will be voicing my opinion on actions that I’m sure everyone can agree are just plain tacky.

First up: Finding something a stranger lost and taking it home with you instead of turning it in to the lost and found. This seems like a no-brainer to me, and yet people do it. One of my co-workers did it. I complimented her on a new scarf and she said, “Thanks! I found it on a bus!”

“Oh… cool.”


I might not have been so bothered by it if I hadn’t recently lost a favorite jacket of mine on a bus. I got off 2 stops before the last stop, and when I called the Metro Transit lost and found line, I was told that it had never been found or turned in. Great. I could have sworn there was no one else on the bus when I got off, which means the driver must have taken it. But someone might have gotten on at the next stop and only ridden for 1 minute and got off at the next stop. Which I doubt. But I’m not pointing fingers. It doesn’t matter who has it. The point is, I don’t, and if someone had just turned it in to the lost and found, I would have it now.

More recently, I found an umbrella under an empty seat. I asked if it belonged to anyone else on the bus, but no one answered. Even though I had lost my small umbrella at a blues dance the day before and I could have taken it home without anyone caring, I wasn’t even tempted. I knew that if I lost my umbrella on a bus, I’d be calling the lost and found line every night to see if anyone turned it in. I’d be hoping that someone out there had a heart and would be able to put themselves in my shoes. So I gave it to the bus driver. I hope the owner gets it back.

Friends, if you ever find something that someone has obviously lost, don’t just take it home. First, try to find a lost and found or someone in charge, or something that will help the owner get it back. It just seems like common sense to me. Taking things that don’t belong to you: Tacky. Because that’s not thinking of others and not thinking of others is super tacky.


2 thoughts on “Tacky Tuesday: Finders Keepers

  1. my mom got her scottish umbrella in the lost and found, but,it was there for about a month so that the owner could reclaim it.

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