I do! But I only like certain Mexican food. I like super authentic Mexican, like taco stands, and baja beef chalupas with no tomatoes from Taco Bell, but one of my favorite comfort foods is found in the sit-down, all Latino staffed, huge portion-serving, family restaurants. When I was growing up, my family often chose El Porton in Yakima as the special occasion dinner location. I have many warm memories of hot, colorful plates of rice, beans, and enchiladas. The cheese mixing with the shredded beef or chicken inside the soft tortillas, the way the beans and rice mix together with the perfect combination of texture and flavor, mmm baby. I could eat it all day.

So when it was up to Kurt and me to pick a restaurant for Christmas Eve lunch with my family, who drove up all the way from Cowiche, I didn’t take much time to ponder. I’d already been to Azteca with Kurt’s parents in the summer and loved it, and I knew my parents would too. So I made a reservation. The big day came and we ate well. It was a grand reunion. The above picture is the plate that Kurt and I shared. Delicious! And now here’s a picture of my whole family on Christmas afternoon, just before the drove back home.


I’m so glad they got to visit and so glad that we got to share such a comforting meal that has always meant happy memories for us.

What’s one of your family holiday traditions?



One thought on “Foodie Friday: Who likes Mexican?

  1. For many years our family shared a holiday dish called Frogmore Stew. This delicious concoction is a mixture of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, onions and short sections if corn on the cob all boiled together in a large pot with seasoning. It is wonderful to share especially on those cold Christmas afternoons.

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