I have a confession: I used to look down on the idea of being a housewife. I’ve always been very independent and very “no man will control me” and “I do what I want,” and just didn’t understand how you could be a housewife and still be your own person. I pictured a cute little 50’s wife in an apron, cleaning all day, having dinner ready when her husband came home from work, depending on him for all of the income, asking for money and spending it, not necessarily wisely, and just generally living life solely for her husband and not for herself at all, like a little servant who doesn’t have her own life. Boy, was I judgmental.

I have since changed my thoughts on this concept. I have a friend, Bethany, who is a housewife. We went to the same church several years ago, and reconnected recently through our blogs and Facebook. She even lists her occupation as “housewife” on Facebook, which honestly made me cringe a little, because I couldn’t personally see myself not having anything to do all day and just waiting around for my husband.

But we discussed it a little bit through comments, and I have changed my mind. Since getting married and starting my two jobs, I have discovered that I would LOVE to be a housewife. Between my two jobs, I am barely home, and when I am home, I have no willpower or energy to make time for photography, writing, painting, anything I enjoy doing by myself. I put things off because I tell myself I don’t have enough time to do what I want in one sitting. I used to think I would be bored all day if I didn’t have a job (and didn’t need one), but it’s not true! I remember what I do on my few days off. I have so much fun! I may sleep in several hours too many, but I can go out and spend time taking pictures and researching for future blog posts, clean the house, and so many other things. The house is so hard to keep clean! But if I had all day, every day to do it, it would be so easy!

As soon as we are out of debt and Kurt has a salary job that allows me to afford to quit my jobs, I want to be a housewife. I want to stay at home (or take a bus to town and shoot photos) and just do my own thing all day. Keep the house spotless, experiment with food, actually continue writing my books, write quality blog posts, start freelance writing for magazines. Ugh. It would be amazing.

What’s an opinion you changed when you got older?


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