I guess today’s post isn’t entirely marriage-centric, but it’s what I have right now. Today, we set up our Christmas tree. It was an artificial tree, the thought of which initially made me blanch, but Kurt’s justifications were reasonable. 1. It’s actually cheaper than cutting down a live tree or even buying one in a lot, because after while the initial price is the same, you can use an artificial one year after year. 2. Up-keep and clean-up is way easier. 3. It comes pre-lighted!

Ours also came with artificial pine cones and holly berries. It came in three parts and was very easy to put together. Kurt and Kelle got it while I was on my way home from work and waited for me to get home to start assembling it.


I did help a bit, but didn’t want to bother with the tripod to get a picture of myself assembling.


Once it was all set-up, we got into our pajamas, waited for Kurt to make mac and cheese, and watched “The Aristocats.” Then we took this picture: 



I always grew up going into the woods with my family to fetch a tree for Christmas. We put on our snow gear, bought a tree-felling pass, drove for about an hour into the mountains, tromped through the snow until we found an adequate tree, and all took turns chopping it down. It was always hard to find full, symmetrical trees that were also less than 6 feet tall (my parents’ house has low ceilings).


My brother Noah with our tree for Christmas 2010.

Our trees often looked like Charlie Brown trees, but bigger. Our ornament collection was an amalgamation of gifts, family sets that were passed down, and handmade ornaments made by my brothers and myself. Decorating was a family affair. We had to all be together to do it.






2011. Some years were better than others.



Last year, when Kurt and I flew to Missouri to spend Christmas with his parents, was the first year that I didn’t decorate the Christmas tree with my family, or any tree at all for that matter. This year is our first Christmas as a married couple, so I’m glad that we have our own tree, even if we didn’t go the route of Westbay family tradition and chop down one in the mountains. I’m sure one day we’ll do it, because we can’t just use Morrison traditions all the time. Except for socks. Always socks. But that’s another post. Kurt’s parents are sending a box of decorations they don’t need anymore, including Kurt’s reportedly very nerdy ornaments, and it should be here tomorrow! Hooray! More decorating!

Are you pro- or anti-artificial Christmas trees in your house? What’s a Christmas tradition in your family?



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