On Friday, Darrell, our landlord, cleared a great deal of his parents’ things out of the house. (In case you don’t know, Darrell is my dad’s cousin, and Darrell’s parents moved out of their house and into an adult home just before we got married, and we moved in when we couldn’t find an apartment we could afford in Seattle.) This meant we could do two things over the weekend that we had been wanting to ever since we moved in: Paint the 3rd bedroom and actually turn it into a useable guest bedroom, and transform the box room into a study. Over the weekend, Kurt and I worked together to attack what we call “the box room” and transform it into the study we’ve been wanting. We’ll get to the 3rd bedroom later. In the box room were several things, mostly the furniture his parents sent us, that had not been unpacked, and tons of empty kitchen appliance boxes just piled high in the room, making it impossible to do anything in there. For nearly 8 months. So we set to work. We unpacked, broke down boxes, stored boxes for specific things we’d want to pack very carefully eventually, put books on shelves, and moved furniture around. It took hours and hours. There is so much cardboard in the garage. We plan to put as much as will fit every week into the recycling bin to be taken away and see how long that takes. Here is a before picture:


And after!


Here are all of our books too!


Working together, just the two of us (Kelle had already gone to bed both nights) proved harder than I expected. We both want to do things our own way and don’t always agree on where things should go or when to take a break, or how late to even stay up. But we got better at it over time and learned patience from each other. The results were so completely satisfying. It’s still not done yet. He agreed to wait until after my blues dance on the 7th to move the TV into the living room. Eventually, I’ll have my own spacious craft and computer space that isn’t in the way in the kitchen. And having all of our books on display makes it feel so much more homey. Maybe one day we can even get the fireplace working! We’re told it doesn’t work, but we have no more details than that. I think we can fix it. Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re going to be here a while, I’ve decided that I actually like it for so many reasons, and I can’t wait until it finally feels like it’s totally ours and we’re completely moved in. I already feel better about it.


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