: refusing to obey something or someone : full of defiance

 Full Definition
:  full of or showing defiance :  boldimpudent <defiantrebels> <a defiant refusal>
— de·fi·ant·ly adverb


Middle French, from Old French, present participle of defier, to defy.

First Known Use


Addison is extremely defiant. So am I, though less so than when I was a child. I feel for my mother, because today, I cannot fathom why children are so defiant sometimes. What is the thought process? What is the point? Why is it so hard just to do what I say? It’s not like I’m asking her to do things she doesn’t normally want to do or that are difficult or unpleasant. She’s taking the more difficult path by defying me and I cannot figure out why she can’t understand that. I now understand my parents’ frustrations with me. Though I can’t remember being this ridiculous. There seems to be absolutely no reason for her defiance. Today, I asked her to put away her toys before her nap, which is never a problem, and she actually said, “No,” which she knows is not OK. When asking clearly didn’t work, I firmly told her to do it, which resulted in vacant stares, shuffling around, and very slowly putting things where they go. As a result, I didn’t read the book I usually read to her before her nap, one that she loves. Her mom got home before she woke up, so I didn’t have to deal with her anymore, and I made sure to tell her mom how she’d been acting. It was rather out of character and I don’t understand it. I’m trying a reward system, in which she gets stars for doing certain things on the “chore chart” and doesn’t get a star if she resists at all. For every 20 stars, she gets a special treat of her choosing. It’s really helped for a while, but today’s attitude was just strange. What do I even do when she’s being blatantly disobedient and time outs and a firm tone do nothing? I’m not about to spank someone else’s kid… I guess it’s good that I’m learning these things before I have my own kids.


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