There’s this little burger joint across the street from where I catch my first bus home after nannying 4 days a week. It’s on NE 65th St and Roosevelt Way in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle. On Tuesday, Addison’s dad, Scott, came home from work a little early, so I got to leave while Addison was still napping. Of course, this was before dinner. I had only eaten some cereal in the last, oh, 20 hours or so, and I had been thinking about checking out one of the many sources of awesome smells surrounding me at that stop for weeks. I figured, why not?



That’s what it looks like from the outside. I didn’t take the picture; I found it here. It’s a very small, but is arranged so that plenty of people can still eat together and separately without feeling cramped. The menu had a lot of interesting-sounding burgers, but I stayed on the safe side and ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a root beer. I didn’t even notice until the cashier, who was very friendly, handed it to me, but the root beer was Thomas Kemper! Score!


The burger dripped a little, but not too much. The meat was perfectly done, and the bacon was crispy and juicy. The cheese was the perfect balance of a little melted yet still solid, the lettuce was fresh, and the bun was thick, soft, and delicious. There were even 3 pickle chips, instead of the usual 2 you’d find at McDonalds. I had forgotten to ask for no tomatoes or onions, so I took those off, and they didn’t leave residue, so I knew it was made to order, fast and fresh. Their menu and website boasts the greenest methods around, which is very Seattle. In the About Us page, they say they serve “only fresh and natural beef patties with no added hormones, no antibiotics and 100% vegetarian fed diet.” I can never detect by taste if my food is any of those things, but I do love burgers that don’t fall apart in your hands or make you feel like you’re about to break out in a face full of pimples within 5 minutes. This one was perfect.


The walls were covered in Seattle sports paraphernalia, printed news stories and blog posts praising the restaurant, and framed awards from the city for being so green.


All in all, a good place to grab a quick, delicious, and environmental-conscious bite to eat. 🙂

Where do you get your favorite burger?


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