I didn’t post yesterday because I wasn’t home literally all day, so today’s post is a combination of Tuesday and Wednesday. The word of the week is subletting! Sublet is a verb (transitive or intransitive) that means to rent property to another person. It can also be a noun referring to a room or apartment that is being rented from the existing renter. Kurt and I have been thinking about subletting the second bedroom in our house for a while now. It has always been an option that our landlord is open to, and it would definitely help with living costs. But we could never find someone who needed a place. Until now! That’s the news! My cousin Kelle moved to Seattle a few months ago looking for work, and as her last place was only temporary, we offered her a place to stay that would be a bit more comfortable and fun, as soon as she had a job that could provide for it. So she moved in today! Yay! I am so, so, so excited to have her here!


Thanks to Kurt for the picture. I know one-handed selfies with a Nikon D40 are not easy. 


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