This year, I decided to be Peter Pan for Halloween. More specifically, Cathy Rigby in the 1974 stage version of Peter Pan.

I wanted to actually put some effort into my costume this year! So I headed to the closest thrift store and found these for $5 each:


They look green in real life, I promise.

Then I stopped by Michael’s and got eight 8×11-inch sheets of felt in 2 shades of green and 2 shades of brown. They were only 33 cents each! While nannying, I cut them into small leaves in a similar shape to the leaves on Cathy’s costume, as well as some strips for the wrist bands and a belt.

When I got home yesterday, I started sewing. I finished at 3 today. I sewed the leaves onto the skirt and tank, layering and alternating colors, cut out a belt from which to hang a pouch in lieu of a purse, shortened the skirt, and I was done!



What did you wear for Halloween?


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