: to satisfy (a need, desire, etc.) fully or to excess

Today, I had pancakes for breakfast. Four of them. On days that I nanny, I usually get up at 10 because I am lazy, but today, I got up at 9:30 so I could make some food. Kurt didn’t want any, so I ate them all. Refer to my first Foodie Friday post for how I make pancakes. I didn’t have Cinnamon Toast Crunch this time though. Sadness. 

By noon, I was on my second bus on my way to Addison’s school to pick her up. And I was hungry again. I texted Kurt, “Is it “sate my hunger” or “satiate my hunger”?” because I don’t have a smart phone and just had to know. I like to know that I’m using words correctly. He said both were correct, but I liked the second better. I like big words. I then said, “Sometimes I think ‘It’s annoying how much I have to eat to satiate my hunger,’ but then I think, ‘Maybe that’s a dangerous thing to think, as I don’t even eat that much anyway.'” He responded with a sad face. I explained that eating food takes so much energy, time, and money, and seems like such a hassle when you can’t afford to grab a bite when you’re out and have only ramen and pancake mix and bread at home. Food has become a struggle. I’ve never struggled with food before. But it really is a thing that I worry about sometimes. I feel indignant it takes so much to satiate that need, to quell my grumbling stomach. Why do humans need so much food? It’s not like I run marathons every day and therefore need to put 5,000 calories into my body so I can burn it all off before bed. I sleep for 10 hours, take the bus, walk a total of maybe a mile all day, and hang out with a 4-year-old who is only awake for 3 of the 5 hours I am with her. I come home and sit on the computer. Where am I expending all this energy that is supposed to be translated from the food I’m not getting? And while we’re asking rhetorical questions, this is the 21st century; why can’t I just snap my fingers and have my favorite food materialize in front of me for no cost? That would be so much easier.

Kurt has just informed me that I’m hungry all the time because I’m not eating enough protein. Welp. Guess I better make use of that lunch meat in the fridge before it goes bad. Gotta keep myself satiated!

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get full? What’s your favorite food? Mine’s chicken pad Thai! 


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