You want the deets? I got the deets! You don’t want the deets? Too bad!

The Westbay-Morrison wedding was a simple one, at least in comparison to the average wedding these days. But it was very personal and fun. I had so much fun and so did everyone else who went, thank goodness! It all went down on March 30th, 2013, at 2 pm.

Before anyone walked down the aisle, my friends Casey, John, and Caitlin played pretty wedding-y songs until everyone was seated. Friends Jared and Colby acted as ushers, but I don’t have a picture of them! Sadness!


We walked down the aisle to “Cosmic Love,” by Florence and the Machine. Once all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen had walked down the aisle (I wish I had pictures of this), my cousin Anjie’s daughters, Maya (taller) and Elliot, scattered rose petals. They had asked me at Thanksgiving if they could be flower girls in our wedding, and, as I hadn’t picked anyone yet anyway, said, “Sure!” Apparently they ask everyone they know who gets engaged because they think being flower girls is the coolest thing ever. They looked so cute.


Both my parents walked me down the aisle together. I carried white roses and blue alstroameria lilies. My mom made her own dress! I found mine in a thrift shop for $20 nearly four years ago.

388739_466598396746689_91526054_n (1)

Kurt and I decided to add some Scottish tradition to our ceremony. We included the hand-fasting ritual, which signifies the bond between us now that we are married. Also during the ceremony, he pinned a rosette of his tartan that his mom made onto the rosette on my sash, signifying the joining of our two clans. I am wearing a MacGregor tartan sash borrowed from my maternal grandmother, Grace. He is wearing a Morrison tartan kilt his dad bought him. The rest of his outfit was rented. Lexi, a beauty school student I met at a party at my house did my hair, and bridesmaid Christy did my makeup. I decided to forgo a veil and just wear a headband I got at Claire’s. The long pieces of tulle draped over a wire and across the trees were Kurt’s idea!887044_4735087010746_2015255109_o

We had some traditional vows and some personal vows. We made sure to include some nerdy references. He said, “…and years from now, when someone asks me if I still love you, after all this time, I will answer, ‘Always.'” I said, “…and I can’t wait to watch the new episode of Doctor Who with you tonight,” which elicited some laughs. We ended up being so drunk on honeymoon-package champagne by the time we watched it that we had to watch it again the next morning because we couldn’t remember what happened!482818_466598513413344_754612392_n (2)

We walked back down the aisle to “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers, because he moved 1800 miles to be with me and we thought it was appropriate.181078_466598566746672_2036999846_n

The wedding took place at the Ellensburg fairgrounds, where the city holds a rodeo every year. It’s actually a really big thing. Our photographer, Genesis Suarez, had so much fun taking pictures there.483545_466598616746667_1493046923_n

Left to right: Bridesmaids Meredith, Christy, Alyssa, Rachel, Sarah, Maid of Honor Kelle, me, Kurt, Best Man David, Groomsmen Eli, Carl, Drew, Noah, and Silas. I met Christy in high school and Kelle is my cousin, and I met all of the others in college. Kurt has known David since high school, Carl since college, Drew is his cousin, and the others are my brothers!

I had all the girls pick out their own dresses, so that they didn’t have to spend a ton on a dress they’d might only wear once. My mom made all the boys’ vests and bow ties, which was rather difficult, as everyone but my brothers were coming from out of state! 561229_466598686746660_1776664093_n (1)


Kurt’s mom, Lea, and grandmother, Lois, with Drew. So much Morrison tartan!


My uncle Mark and Kurt’s dad, Bob, in kilts!


Even the deejay, my friend and swing dance partner Chris, wore his kilt! He’s not Scottish, but he found in a thrift store years ago and thought it was cool!


For the reception, we dipped various snacks into a chocolate fountain! I am so glad we got to include that and we knew someone who let us borrow it! There were also mini cheesecakes and cupcakes that my mom and her friends made.


We fed each other Safeway cheesecake after our cake-maker fell through. it was still delicious! On the wall behind us are pictures of us throughout our relationship. Along the wall were also pictures of each of us as we grew up, provided by our parents and hung up by the all of the wonderful people who showed up to help set up the day before.


After snacks were eaten and toasts were made, I changed into a shorter dress so I wouldn’t have to bother pinning up my small train to dance. My dad and I danced to “Oh Good Grief” by Vince Guaraldi.


Kurt and his mom danced to “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole.


Finally, Kurt and I danced to “L.O.V.E” by Nat King Cole. The table full of our Pun Manor friends (Pun Manor being our house at the time) began singing along, and I called out to the room, “Everybody!” and nearly half the room joined in. It was beautiful. Kurt, because of a head injury when he was 3, has a hard time learning anything that involves muscle memory, so he had never learned to dance. We swayed around, just having fun and being silly. It had to be have been obvious that we didn’t practice, but it was still perfect.


And then everybody danced! All of our college friends, wedding party, and younger cousins got up and joined us for songs that I can’t even remember anymore. I just know it was tons of fun. I’m so glad that so many people danced. I was afraid people wouldn’t! We danced until Kurt decided that we needed to be heading to our hotel for the honeymoon, at about 5:30. It went by so fast! I thanked everyone for coming and making our day so amazing, grabbed some gifts to open on the way, and we headed out. We then spent 2 nights at The Edgewater, a very fancy waterfront hotel in Seattle. It was awesome. I’m so glad everything happened the way it did. It was perfect.


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