Since moving to the wetter side of the state, my favorite place to eat out is Wilde Rover, an Irish pub in downtown Kirkland. Live music almost every night, great employees, and delicious food and drinks. Today, I deposited my most recent paycheck from my nannying job, and decided to treat myself. I hadn’t had time to cook anything great this week (there’s also nothing in my fridge), so I went to a place where I knew I’d find content for a solid post. Lucky for me, happy hour had just started!

Happy hour at Wilde Rover means 33 and a 1/3 percent off of all wine, draft beers, and well drinks. I have wine at home, so I got a vodka-cran. Can’t go wrong with simplicity. Bartender delivered my drink very quickly, and it was well mixed. Bravo.


Happy hour also means lower prices for most appetizers. I have a small appetite, so an appetizer is lunch for me. I hate ending up with leftovers, because they’re never as good when reheated later. Except for Wilde Rover’s fries. They are amazing. I went with familiarity and got the pulled pork sliders.


Soooooo good. Kurt won’t eat them because they have coleslaw on top, and while I used to shy away from coleslaw too, I find it gives the sliders the perfect balance of fresh veggie crunch and hot, melt-in-your-mouth, saucy meat. Delish! The bill came out to 11.48 after the tip. Not bad! 🙂

I love the atmosphere there. It’s super classy, without feeling stuffy or high-end. I feel like it’s a place where anyone can feel comfortable, no matter what walk of life or country you come from. Here are some more pictures of the interior:



What’s your favorite restaurant in your town?


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