Last night, I tried to find some interesting news online. Nothing stuck out to me until I discovered The Good News Network, a website dedicated to positive, feel-good stories instead of the depressing news that is sensationalized so much. The first headline that caught my eye was, “Ellen Show Gives Waitress Big Reward For Picking Up Military Members’ Tab.” I intended to write about that last night, but got caught up with my career coach homework, and just wanted to go to bed. I figured I’d write it while Addison, the 4-year-old I nanny was taking her nap. That didn’t happen either. On the bus, I read the Kirkland Reporter, which had some positive stories, but mostly depressing. Rapists, murderers, home invasions. I scoured the paper for a good story by kept coming back to the waitress story. So now I am home and it is time.

Sarah Hoidhal, a waitress at Ruby Tuesday in Concord Massachusetts, knows what it’s like to struggle financially. She is 22 years old, caring for a 15-month-old son, living with her mother, and surviving on tips from the restaurant. She works hard to provide for her son the best that she can. So when two female National Guard service members came into the restaurant for lunch and mentioned that they were trying not to spend much until their pay was no longer frozen (they had been furloughed as a result of the government shutdown), Sarah felt generous. She only brought home $8 in tips that day, but she still feels confident that she did the right thing: Paying the service members’ tab. When they asked for the check, instead, she brought them a note that said, “Thanks to the government shutdown, people like you, who protect this country, are not getting paid; however, I still am. Lunch is on me. Thank you for serving, ladies! Have a good day!”

The two women were blown away! In their gratitude and amazement, they posted a picture of the note on Facebook, where Sarah recieved praise from hundreds of strangers. Not long after, Ellen Degeneres’ producers caught wind of Sarah’s good deed and flew her out to L.A. to be on her show. They talked about the details of the ordeal, the audience cheered, and Ellen paid her back the exact amount of the check, $27.75. Sarah laughed and thanked her several times while the audience applauded and cheered, but as Ellen will do, she had to make it bigger. Watch this video to see what else she does!

This story warmed my heart, and I hope it warms yours too. It’s good to be reminded of the good that happens in the world, even if it’s little things that only affect a few people.


What’s some good news you heard this week?


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