How did Kurmelia (our couple name) come to be? How did Kurt and Amelia meet in the first place? Well I’m glad you asked!

Once upon a time, I was running a personal blog on Xanga. There, I had many friends, including Jessica, who seemed to be my long-lost sister. We were both blonde, petite, English majors who had three younger siblings and grew up in conservative Christian homes, loved cats and dancing, and were just trying to get into the writing world. She just happened to live in Arkansas. When Jessica and I had been reading each others’ blogs and commenting encouragement and advice through all of our mirroring life changes for about six months, she decided to give away a dress. She didn’t wear it anymore and wanted to give it to one of her blog readers. I was the first person to comment who was the right size, so she sent it to me. When it arrived, on November 17th or so, 2010, I made a post about receiving the package in which I held up the package for the camera and modeled the dress.

Kurt, a Missourian Doctor Who nerd and mathematician who had discovered my blog by clicking on my comment on someone else’s post and had been getting to know me for about a month, commented, “Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from off the floor!” So flattering! Someone else commented that I had left both of our addresses on the internet for everyone else to see! Oops! I saw the comment less than two hours after the post was published, and immediately edited and replaced the photo.

But, in that small space of time, Kurt decided to take a risk and send an anonymous rose to my address. I was shocked when he finally told me he had sent it. I had no idea! I had other guys I had suspected might have sent it, but not Kurt! Of course, this only furthered our desire to get to know each other. We talked constantly. And I mean constantly. We did video calls on Skype, chatted on Facebook, and read and commented on each others’ blogs on Xanga. We discovered that we had tons in common, even weird things like both winning breath-holding contests at age 9 and receiving concussions. We knew we had to meet in person. Less friends and family were weird about it than I expected. We met each others’ parents over Skype, and they liked us.

Finally, in March of 2011, he flew to Seattle and took a bus to Ellensburg to meet me. That seems like so long ago now. It’s almost three years, but it feels like longer. At the time, it felt surreal, insane, like I was walking in a dream. I took some friends with me to meet him at the bus stop, and we ran into each others’ arms like in a movie. I introduced everyone, and when the bus was ready to leave, we boarded together. It was time to meet my parents. Friend time in Ellensburg would come later in the week. We sat in the back of the bus, all nervous and giddy. I shyly asked him, “Can I kiss you now?” and he laughed and said, “Of course.” He later said I was smaller than he expected. I told him I get that a lot. And really, the rest is history. I mean, we did the long-distance thing for a year and a half, but it progressed normally, if not a little quicker because we talked all the time and not just on dates that evolved into a relationship over time. We were in it. In it to win it.

During my last solo trip to Missouri, in March of 2012, he took me on a hike. Now, I am not a hiking person. I do not enjoy hikes. I enjoy nature walks or long walks on the beach, not uphill treks in the sun and humidity. But I went on this hike anyway because I knew what was at the top. When we were first getting to know each other, he told me about Sheshebe Point, a spot at his scout camp that was very special to him. He told me that he’d like to propose to a girl there. He had never even taken a girl there at all. So when I arrived at the airport and he announced, “We’re hiking to Sheshebe on Saturday,” I knew. And I still complained the entire way because I am a little stinker. When we made it to the top, the view was gorgeous. We stood on a wooded cliff that overlooked a lake in the middle of a deep valley. The sun was just setting. He got down on one knee and said, “I love you. I know you’re the person I want to marry. Amelia Joy Westbay, will you m-” and I said, “Yes!!”

And then in May of 2012, when he graduated from college, he moved to Cowiche (with my parents), then to Ellensburg, and we got married on March 30, 2013! And it just keeps getting better!


6 thoughts on “Marriage Monday: Origin Story

  1. how sweet! I love reading stories of how people get together!

    What’s really funny is I remember that xanga post – I remember Jess wanting to sell the dress and I was going to comment and ask to buy it (even though it was a tad on the smaller side for me) and I saw you beat me. But I’m so glad you did now!! Hahaha 😉

    Glad things are so wonderful for you and Kurt! 😀

  2. Thank you! I love looking back at our story and marveling at how crazy it was that we even got together in the first place. I even wore that dress for the wedding reception, because it was easier to dance in! 🙂

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