The theme for Saturday is… no theme. I may blog, or I may not, but when I do, it will be random. It will still be something I feel the general public could enjoy. If I don’t feel like blogging, I won’t. It’s nice to have a day off. 🙂 So here’s a post I wrote for my personal blog the other week.

1. Get up earlier

This is easy if you’ve figured out how to go to bed early and actually go to sleep. But that is a tutorial for another day. Getting up earlier allows you the time to do plenty of things that you know you won’t have the energy or willpower to do after the day is all over. And putting things off for days only builds stress, albeit sometimes unconscious. Last night, I went to bed at 10:30, cuddled and talked with my husband, and woke up without an alarm at 8. Got up at 8:30 and did a good chunk of yesterday’s dishes. Also, none of the rest of these steps are possible if you don’t get up early.

2. Take some “me”-time

No matter who you live with, whether it’s parents, siblings, friends, or a romantic partner, “me”-time is essential. Sometimes it’s just Facebook, Tumblr, and your favorite happy songs on YouTube, but if it’s free time away from everyone else, it will give you the time to collect your thoughts and the peace of mind you need to take on the day. If you live by yourself, I hope you realize how much I envy you. I wish I had gotten to live by myself for at least a few months before getting married, but that didn’t work out. I still loved the family that resulted from moving into Pun Manor, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t issues I had to deal with that wouldn’t have been there if I’d lived alone. But I digress!

3. Say “I look awesome.”

Wear all of your favorite pieces together. Make an ensemble. Take risks. Wear something you haven’t worn in a while. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I look awesome!” If you don’t believe it, change clothes. Be comfortable and confident. Be sure to shower early enough to have time for this. I showered at 10 and got on the bus at 11:20. I am wearing long stripey socks over polka-dotted jeans in my favorite brown boots, a pink cami with a black, white, and grey striped shirt, and an electric blue scarf. It looks a lot less clownish than it sounds. I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy hugging my husband and eating breakfast to even think about it. Plus, I started writing this piece on the bus, and I left my camera at home. I’ll post a picture tonight!

4. Eat breakfast

It’s not called the most important meal of the day for no reason. Easy breakfasts with the nutrients to help you go into the world with gusto: Oatmeal with nectarine slices, eggs and an apple, peanut butter toast and orange juice, pancakes and strawberries. Are you sensing a pattern? Protein or fiber and some form of fruit. Maybe pancakes don’t have fiber or protein, but you can put bananas in them and chock them full of potassium! If nothing else, have a glass of water. Rehydrating yourself after the 8+-hour fast called sleeping makes a huge difference in your overall wellness. Though, maybe not drink a whole bottle or tall glass of water right before taking a 2-hour bus ride to work. Bad plan. You don’t want to be crying and holding yourself in an elevator on its way to the closest bathroom 20 minutes before your shift starts.

Also, if you can, eat with your family, “family” being anyone who shares your house. Eating breakfast with family before you go to work, school, job hunting, photography walking, or whatever you do during the day, starts your day off in community, in relationship. I know my relationship with Kurt is strengthened every time we put the laptops away and just be together.

4. Put yourself in others’ shoes

Now that you’re all refreshed and just bursting with positivity, how do you deal with annoying people outside your house? Ugh, people. Well, trust me, it’s a lot easier to ignore grumpy people on the bus, in traffic, in the classroom, or in the workplace, when you remember that everyone wants the same thing: to be happy. We may let other things, like fear or pride, get in the way of our pursuit of happiness, which is why some people are just plain unpleasant. We have to remember that no one is out to get us, and no one wants to have a bad day. Everyone’s got a reason, a story, a struggle or five, and how they deal with their issues does not determine how awesome your day is. Only you are in control of how you treat people and how people make you feel. Use your power for good! Be the light in someone’s dark day!

5. Be positive even when things do go wrong

Always look on the bright side of life. And don’t overreact. Maybe even under-react (just don’t let actual problems go unsolved. That’s not good). I am really good at overreacting. I need to work on that. So you got on a bus going the wrong direction and now you have to get off and catch another one and you’re going to be half an hour late to your friend date. So what? Your friend still loves you (If they don’t, drop them). You’ll still have a great time and you might accidentally find yourselves winning 7th out of 12 teams at a trivia night even though you only played the last 2 out of 8 rounds. Who knows!

Now go out and have a great day! 🙂


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