Friday’s theme is food. Food I make at home, food I find in restaurants, just food. Today’s post was going to be about popovers, a treat that Kurt likes to make and I love to eat, since I made them today for a girls night, but I totally forgot to take pictures while making them, and that’s always the best part about food posts, right? So here’s something just as good:

I love pancakes. Who doesn’t? Well, I have heard of some people who don’t, but I honestly don’t trust them, because if they don’t like pancakes, what else don’t they like? Strawberries? Chocolate? Happiness? Anyway, a couple of years ago, I invented a new way to eat pancakes. Add stuff to them. Well obviously. There’s already banana pancakes, and there’s probably plenty of other things that people put in pancakes, but have you put cereal in them? I discovered that if you crush up (just lightly; not into dust) Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it gives the pancakes an extra kick of flavor and texture. Woo! At that point I also began adding brown sugar, honey, vanilla, and nutmeg. Best pancakes ever.


About 8 months ago, I began adding melted butter to the mixture. Heavenly! Then I decided to chop up apples into tiny pieces and throw those in. OMG. I fed those to the guys with whom I lived for the five months before I got married, along with raspberry smoothies, and they loved me for it. I was a great house mom. I’ve always been told I make some bomb pancakes and I owe it all to experimentation. Friends, never be afraid to put crazy stuff in your pancakes.

What’s an interesting food combo you thought would be weird but actually worked? 


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