The theme for Thursdays is a theme I’ve used when blogging in years past and I have to use it again because it is so dear to my heart. I have a passion for thrifting. Why buy something new when you can get it for $6? I guess it matters if you really care about brands or whether the clothes you wear have been on someone else’s body or not, but those are not things I care about. In these posts, I’ll show you items I have found while thrifting and demonstrate different ways to wear them!

Last week, while browsing the University District Buffalo Exchange in Seattle with my friend Katherine before a trivia night, I found a teal mini-skirt from Forever21 and fell in love. I fell in love with a few other things too, but I only allowed myself one item per trip to save moolah. I’ve noticed that a lot of things I thrift have been originally from Forever21, American Eagle, and Aeropostale. I guess I just like their style. The skirt was $8. It was probably only $10-15 originally, but I didn’t care. I loved how twirly and shiny it was, and I had been wanting a bright, solid skirt for dancing anyway. But it had to be versatile too. And it is! So here’s three outfits I put together that incorporated the skirt! I apologize for the bad lighting near the bottom of the frame. I really tried. I even moved a lamp across the room.


rubbish denim button-down (thrifted) over Pink tee, thrifted belt of unknown brand, Studio Y leggings, and Born boots

I call this the “downtown Seattle in the fall” look. I actually wore this outfit to my nannying job last week.


American Eagle tank (from Marshalls, which is kind of like thrifting), Old Navy leggings, and Keds (thrifted)

Swing dancing outfit. I mostly wear the shoes and the leggings for dancing. I can’t wait to wear the skirt to a dance! Big thanks to Kurt, who posed as my invisible lead for my swing-out.


Rachel’s Kids vest (yeah, I shop in the kids’ section) over OP tank, and dress barn heels (all thrifted!)

I suppose this can be a “going out with the girls” outfit. I need to get some new patterned woolen tights. All my tights are too tight to even be comfortable and it is too cold out these days to go without.

How do you feel about thrifting? Is that a thing you do? What’s the best find you’ve made so far?


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